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Ashtanga Yoga Online

Your daily practice doesn't have to be a lonely struggle!

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Let's practice together

Hi! I'm Heidi, authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher, and I teach traditional Mysore style yoga online. You can attend my classes wherever you are: practice together with a group and then enjoy your morning coffee at home peacefully before starting the rest of the day. 


My mission is to help you to build a yoga practice that´s enjoyable and sustainable, and to form a community for those who practice at home. We all need the support of other practitioners and a teacher,  and practicing together is simply more fun!

I especially want to support women to find confidence, wisdom and strength through this practice; to practice in a way that empowers and is suitable to our unique and amazing female bodies.

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Join the Classes

We are gathering to practice together on Mondays from 6 PM to 7.30 PM and Thursdays from 6.20 AM to 7.50 AM (Helsinki time). Send me a message to join the classes!

What Students Say

"Heidi has guided me to find new perspectives to the familiar asanas and self-confidence to deal with the challenging ones. With her calm and confident attitude, she has made me believe that I can get stronger and improve my practice where I find it to be challenging.

Heidi also has the ability to see how I can improve my practice in a way that it becomes more suitable for me, personally".

- Hanna

"Heidin ohjaustapa on ymmärtäväinen ja lempeä, mutta oikeassa kohtaa jämäkkä. Heidi ohjaa tekemään harjoitusta omaa kehoa kuunnellen ja omia rajoja kunnioittaen, mutta kuitenkin niin että harjoitus myös etenee silloin kun sen aika on.

Aluksi arastelin ajatusta online mysoresta, tuntui kummalliselta ja kiusalliselta ajatella että joku katsoo ruudun toiselta puolelta ja kommentoi. Onneksi uskaltauduin mukaan, sillä tässä on niin paljon hyviä puolia:

- Säännöllisyys: On helpompaa tulla matolle kun tietää että joku on odottamassa.

- Omien rajojen kuuntelu: kun fyysiset avustukset puuttuu, on helpompi kuunnella omaa kehoaan ja tehdä harjoitusta sillä tavoin kuin kunakin päivänä keholle sopii

- Opettaja – oppilassuhde: Minulla on ensimmäistä kertaa ”oma” joogaopettaja, joka seuraa säännöllisesti harjoitustani.  

- Aikataulu: Olen aamuihminen ja iltatunneille osallistuminen vie herkästi yöunet. Plussaa myös siitä ettei tarvitse käyttää aikaa siirtymisiin paikasta toiseen".

- Erja

"When Heidi posted that she is doing online classes starting Feb, I jumped with joy at this opportunity. 

Since then my relationship with Heidi has culminated into something beautiful and still growing. She has been very gentle and has always picked me up when I fell.

She never forced me but always motivated me to try the asanas I got stuck  in or the ones that are difficult for me. When I started I could barely do the whole primary series as I had taken a long break. She was patient and gentle with my practice.

While I just started growing, I got covid and it felt like i had to restart and she was there with me to nudge me in the right direction. 

I have been studying under her guidance for almost ten months now and I've only grown on and off the mat. I am very very grateful that I found her and that she's there to guide me".

- Meera

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