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Retreats and Workshops 

Retreats and Workshops

Retreats and workshops

Summer Retreat at Kadermo

Kadermo Island (Hanko, Finland) from June 30th to July 5th 2024

Welcome to my yearly retreat at the beautiful Kadermo Island! Kadermo is a place to enjoy the abundant gifts of Finnish nature: the grounding steadiness of the rocks and the enormous trees, the calming but ever-changing sea, the fresh air and the greenery. Many people say that Kadermo has it's magic. It's an ideal place to have a break from city life, to find ease and connect with your Self, other yoga practitioners and the nature.

The retreat program includes daily Mysore classes and meditation in the mornings and Yoga Sutra, chanting and  meditation classes in the afternoons. All classes are taught in an approachable way, so you can be a total beginner or a more experienced practitioner to join the retreat. 

The fee (600 euros) includes accommodation, delicious meals (fruit and smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner made by the famous Anu Ganesh from Mysore, India), the yoga program and taxi + boat transportation from Hanko railway station.

You will find more details here:

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Workshops and Courses in Helsinki 


Asana Klinikka, Jan14th 2024, Larun Astangajooga, 

Astanga alkeisjatko, Jan 17th to Feb 28th (Wed 6.30 PM to 8 PM), Helsingin aikuisopisto,

Astanga alkeet, Jan 18th to Feb 29th (Thursdays 7.15 PM to 8.45 PM),
Helsingin aikuisopisto,

Äiti- vauva-jooga, Jan 26th to Apr 26th (Fridays 1 PM to 2.15 PM),
Kalliolan Kansalaisopisto,

Mysore alkeet, March 19th to Apr 23rd (Tuesdays 6.45 PM to 7.45 PM),
Kalliolan kansalaisopisto,

Mysore jatkotaso, March 19th to April 23rd (Tuesdays 5 PM to 6.30 PM),
Kalliolan kansalaisopisto,

Don't speak Finnish? Don't worry. I will guide you in English .

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