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Online Mysore Class - Does It Work?

Picture yourself waking up refreshed in the morning. The sun is shining, birds are singing, butterflies dancing, and you happily jump on your yoga mat to do your practice. So easy, so divine! Golden light!


Reality: busy life, tight back, it’s dark outside, and despite of all the good intentions your ”inner voice” is calling you to go back to sleep and an invisible hand hits the snooze in the morning.

Sounds familiar?
Practicing early in the morning is the best thing and sets a good vibe for the whole day, but building and maintaining a regular yoga practice at home - and keeping up a vibrant practice energy for long periods of time - isn’t always light and easy.

And there is absolutely no need to feel bad for not being able to do it alone.


Hmmm… But how does an online Mysore class work? How could it even work? Aren’t you actually supposed to be in the same room, that’s kind of the thing? Let our Morning Practice Group members answer. Here are their experiences about our online classes (Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga):

“The inner voice (the one that usually pulls me back to bed) has remained surprisingly quiet since joining the online classes".
“I’m staying more conscientious wit my practice and maintaining and doing a longer practice now that I have joined the online group. Having the set time for the practice helps”.

“My practice has become more regular. I have also learned take it easier and now I do a shorter practice when that’s needed. The most surprising thing is how quickly I got used to not being adjusted physically during the practice”.

"The group supports keeping the practice regular, which is great!"
"It’s not very likely I’ll skip a morning practice as I know there is someone and someones waiting for me join on the other side of the screen".

Yes, we are waiting for you to do your practice!

“My dear practice was reborn after joining the Online Practice Group. It’s refreshing and inspiring to know that the others are also doing the same practice, even when we are located in different parts of Finland and the world. Through the online connection, we are in the same room, in the “online shala”.
“The best thing about the online classes is the presence of the teacher and the other yoga practitioners”.
“I like it that there's space for the silence and the focus, and still I feel how everyone's practicing together. It also feels good that I can come to the classes just they way I am and feel accepted”. “I’m getting so much joy and energy to my practice from the group”.
“I love our morning talks. It’s a nice group”

“The very best thing is the group and it’s warmth - us, practicing together”

“I have started doing a longer practice again after joining the group."

“I have moved ahead in the postures I thought I would never be able to do”.
"The conversations with Heidi have taught me to be more aware of what is happening in my body during the practice and I have
got new aspects to focus on. Together with Heidi we have discussed and refined my practice, which has been enlightening in many ways”.

“The days are different, and that’s ok. I know that I can ask for help and get support to my practice whenever I need it."

"The online practice group offers a gentle, soft, light atmosphere and at the same time, a strong and grounded energy for the practice. It’s lovely to wake up to this “space” day after day. - And it sets a good vibe, energy for the whole day."
“Having a teacher who observes my practice and knowing that the others are also breathing through the same practice makes me do my best in my practice.”

No, it’s not the same as actually being in the same room practicing together. But it works.

Through online classes, we have created a warm space to practice together. We have formed a connection - a connection that is not limited by physical distance. We have created a community for people who don’t have an access to a yoga shala where they live, or otherwise have chosen to practice at home.
Morning Practice Group is a new kind of yoga community. Some of us have met “in real life” , maybe practiced together at a workshop or on a retreat. The online space is more adaptable than I would have ever thought. For example, one of our practitioners said she had been enjoyed practicing together with another lady on that morning, because it’s so “peaceful and relaxing” to practice next to her. Yes, this happened at an online class.

I was very hesitant myself, and waited for a whole year before starting to teach yoga online. I am happy that I did: we have created a wonderful community of women practicing yoga at home, in the mornings, around Finland and the world.

Not all mornings are full of rainbows and unicorns, but the support of the group sets light and warmth even to the coldest winter morning practices. We light each other up. Togetherness is divine, cozy and nice.
It might not be just rainbows and butterflies. But facing difficulties is better together.

I'm quite sure the pet dogs (Stella and Klaara) agree. It's always better together. Interested in joining our Online Practice Group? Find more info here!


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